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My new clothes have been astonishing people.
As I walk down through the street, people gaze at me.
They all admire my clothes, they ask for price.
"How much are they sold?,can we have ours of the same fashion?".
Though they are not latest clothes,still they are attractive.

My clothes burst their minds,they all think on how to afford  them.
I tell them that only those who are ready to pay the price shall wear them.
They ask me,"Who is the designer?.Can you let the cat  out of the bag?"
I tell them these clothes are not for posh people only,all people can  wear them:poor or rich,a child or an adult,male or female,
Fat or thin,intelligent or dumb,priest or lay man.

I tell them if you really need them, in no time they will be yours.
These are the best clothes to be worn by everyone one.
Let us wear them,God needs to see us in these clothes.
I emphasize them to have a go,and they should never forget to hold their horses   until they wear new clothes.
They eventually promise to wear them.

I  then suddenly wake up and start to  shout in my room, my new clothes!,my new clothes!.Prayer,kindness,meekness, fortitude, faithfulness, love, hope and charity are my new clothes!! Oh what a dream!

Frt. Aiden Onesmo Male

1st Year Philosophy - Ntungamo Senior Seminary

Hoping to soon have a sponsor


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I finished my 3rd year Philosophical studies at St. Anthony of Padua - Ntungamo Major Seminary, at the end of June 2021. After this, I had a long vacation of three months, before starting my Theological studies. Within this vacation, I spent some days at my home parish, St. Thomas the Apostle – Mrao Parish. However, I spent much time of my holiday in doing pastoral activities outside my home parish.

Photo: Frt. Amedeus Mamkamba (with the wheelbarrow) together with Frt. Boniface Silayo while participating in manual work at Newland Designated Parish during  pastoral time.


I was assigned to do my pastoral work at St. Gregory the Great – Newland Designated Parish. During Pastoral time, I did various activities including the following: Serving at the altar, teaching the Catechism and choir, organizing seminars for various groups of people, leading recollections in Small Christian Communities, Spiritual counseling as well as family visiting while encouraging people to stand firm on their faith. In addition to all these, I also participated in manual works. I learnt a lot from these pastoral activities. It is my hope that the experience which I got has much to contribute on my journey towards priesthood.

Frater Amedeus is sponsored by Athens Catholic Friends.


When GOD wanted to create FISH, HE spoke to the SEA (Gen. 1:20-22).

When HE wanted to create TREES, HE spoke to the EARTH (Gen. 1:11).

But when HE wanted to create MAN, HE turned to HIMSELF, and said: “LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE AND LIKENESS” (Gen. 1:26).

If you take a FISH out of WATER, it will surely die, and when you remove a TREE from the ground, it fades away and eventually dies.

Similarly, when MAN detaches or disconnects himself from GOD, he suffers the consequences to the point of death.

Remember that WATER without FISH is still WATER, but FISH without WATER is nothing.

The SOIL too without TREES is still SOIL, but the TREES without SOIL are nothing.

The same applies to both THE CREATOR and CREATED MAN. THE FORMER without THE LATTER is still THE CREATOR, unlike THE LATTER without THE FORMER is nothing. Thus, THE FORMER needs not THE LATTER for HIS EXISTENCE nor does THE LATTER exist without THE FORMER.


We have to be connected with and attach ourselves to HIM, depend on HIM and live in HIS PRESENCE always for only in HIM life exists.

Frater Fidelis Lemnge                  

1st Year Theology - Kipalapala

Sponsored by Deb Morrison

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