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The journey toward the priesthood is long and difficult, requiring many years of training.   If we take the educational journey of one boy to priesthood in Tanzania today, this is how his journey will be:


1-2 years kindergarten

7 years primary education (grade school)




Minor seminary - St. James Seminary

6 years Minor seminary or secondary school  

   English system is comprised of 4 years Ordinary level and 2 years Advanced level

St. James Minor Seminary, Kilema, Moshi.


Formation Year

One year spiritual formation prior to entering the major seminary:

St. Charles Lwanga-Karanga Formation Center. 

Major Seminary - Philosophy Studies

3 years studying philosophy, psychology, scriptures, spirituality, and liturgy

Our Lady of the Angels Major Seminary - Kibosho, Moshi Diocese

St. Anthony Major Seminary - Ntungamo, Bukoba Diocese

Major Seminary - Theology Studies

4 years studying  Theology

St. Paul Major Seminary -  Kipalapala, Tabora Region

St. Charles Lwanga Major Seminary - Segerea, Dar Es Salaam Archdiocese

St. Augustine of HIppo Major Seminary - Songea Region

1 year pastoral internship or field work


Transitional Diaconate

Ordination as Deacon 6 months prior to the end of seminary training

Ordination to the Priesthood

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Formation of Priests

Kindergarten and Primary [Grade] school take place in the candidates’ respective villages and towns. Currently, in Tanzania, Primary education is free in the sense that the tuition fee is paid by the government, except some few private primary schools or English medium academies. Parents are to pay for stationeries, lunch and school uniform.

Those who want to join the seminary in view of becoming priests, present their applications to the pastors of their respective parishes. After serious scrutiny, the Pastor chooses 10 students among many for the three minor seminaries: St. James Seminary – for Moshi diocesan priests; Maua Seminary, for Franciscan Capuchin, and Uru Seminary, for the Apostles of Jesus priests. These 10 are given interviews and written tests by the Rectors of these seminaries. In the end, the diocese normally gets 0-3 students. St. James Seminary gets about 35-50 students as freshmen class.  This is a boarding school, with two vacations in a year: June/July and December/January. After 4 years of training, students sit for Form Four National Examinations. Those who pass with divisions I & II continue with Advanced Level studies for two years, after which they take Form Six National Examinations.  This ends their secondary school journey.

Those who pass with division I, II & III are admitted to a Spiritual Formation Year in which they are given more time to reflect about their call and the nature of commitment they are about to make by going to major seminary.   After this one-year of spiritual formation, they are sent to major seminaries (Kibosho or Ntungamo) for three years to study Philosophy.

Then they continue with the seminary training in the Theological seminaries (Kipalapala – Tabora, Segerea- Dar-es-Salaam, or Peramiho - Songea) for 5 years of Theological studies [including field work or pastoral year] before being ordained deacons and then priests. While the parents are responsible to pay for their children while they are in the minor seminary [high school], the Bishop of Moshi Diocese is responsible to pay for the seminarians in the major seminaries [Formation, Philosophy and Theology].


The school fees for St. James Seminary [Boarding School] for the 2019-2020 school year are $400 per semester or $800 per year. This covers tuition fees, food, boarding and lodging. The cost of one seminarian in the major seminary [University level] is $1000 per year.  For the 2019-2020 school year, there are 120 major seminarians!

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