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Sponsor a Moshi Diocese Seminarian


  1. Powerful prayers for your intentions!

  2. A relationship with your new "son"

  3. A  free monthly e-mail magazine brings you news about seminary life; the seminarians contribute the magazine articles

  4. An annual "trading card" with your "son's" picture and biographical information 


  • Senior seminarians: $1000 per year 

Junior seminarians: $1000 per year.

(monthly, quarterly, annually, etc - can be shared with others)

Note: Junior seminarian sponsorship includes: registration fee for their national exams -for Form two, Form four, and Form Six; the fees for the regional exams, contribution for academic tour which is required by the ministry. This amount covers everything student needs to stay in school.

  • You pray for your "son" in the seminary in Moshi

  • E-mail to keep in contact.

Can't afford a full sponsorship?   We'll match you up with someone else to share with.   

Choose a seminarian from the "photo gallery" or we'll choose one for you.

Seminarian prayers are powerful - and they just get better when they are ordained to the priesthood.


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Trading card


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Donations by mail are sent to: KMHO   PO Box 5125   Portland OR 97208
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