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 The consecration and installation of Rt. Rev. Christopher Ndizeye (middle) the new Bishop of Kahama. He is the third bishop of Kahama since the creation of the diocese in 1984. The diocese of Kahama was vacant after the Holy Father transfer of Rt. Rev. Ludovick J. Minde ALCP/OSS in 2020.
Inauguration of 100 years of St James seminary.
The actual celebration will be 2025
when we will celebrate 100 years 

Mapadre wakishiriki adhimisho la Misa Takatifu ya uzinduzi wa Jubilei ya miaka 100 ya uhai wa St. James Seminary


Adhimisho la Misa Takatifu ya uzinduzi wa Jubilei ya miaka 100 ya uhai wa St. James Seminary ilioongozwa na Askofu Mkuu Isaac Amani akishirikiana na Askofu Ludovick Joseph Minde ALCP/OSS.


Kamati ya Maandalizi ya Jubilei ya 100 ya uhai wa St. James Seminary ikisimikwa. Mwenyekiti wa Kamati hii ni Mh. Pd. Deogratias Matiika Naibu wa Askofu


Waseminari wa St. James Seminary wakati wa uzinduzi wa Jubilei ya miaka 100


Mafrateri walioshiriki adhimisho la uzinduzi wa miaka 100 ya uzinduzi wa Jubilei


Askofu Ludovick J. Minde akionja akifurahia keki katika uzinduzi wa Jubilei ya Miaka 100 ya uhai wa St. James Seminary

100 anniv st james cover screen.jpg

Inauguration of 100 year anniversary of St. James Junior Seminary 

Streamed live on Jul 25, 2022 Karibu Ibada ya Misa Takatifu, Ya Jubilei ya miaka 100 ya Uhai wa Seminari ya St. James- Kilema, Jimbo Katoliki Moshi.       

New Assignments:

1. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Imani  - Sanya Juu (assistant pastor)

2. Rev. Fr. Godfrey Bahati - Manushi Parish (assistant pastor) 

3. Rev. Fr. Peter Asantebwana - Mweka Designated Parish (priest in charge)

4. Rev. Fr. Deogratias Msuri - Mango Parish (pastor)

5. Rev. Fr. Simon Ngawio Miku - Marangu - Makomu (pastor)


Further studies 

1. Rev. Fr.  Emmanuel Tumaini - Laterano Pontifical University 

2. Rev. Fr. Gaudence Ngufuyamonyi - Gregorian Pontifical University 

3. Rev. Fr. Richard Munishi - Sancta Croce University 


Transitional Diaconate Ordination
29 July 2022
Christ the King Cathedral - Moshi

Rest-in-Peace NDESARIO.jpg

With faith in the Resurrection, the Catholic Diocese of Moshi regrets to announce the sudden death of Rev. Fr. Alexander Ndesario. He passed away  this morning on Sunday, July 24, 2022 as he was being rushed to St. Joseph Hospital-Moshi.

Fr. Ndesario, until his death, was an assistant pastor at Karanga Parish.  

Fr. Ndesario hails from Maua Parish. He was ordained on July 9, 1972. He celebrated his Golden  Jubilee on July 9, 2022 (two weeks before his return to his Creator).  May he Rest In Peace. Amen.

funeral fr ndesario.jpg


Fr Alexander Ndesario welcomes the family of God to pray with him
on his Golden Jubilee on July 9th 2022

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