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Padre Dr. Pantaleo Mark Kitali Mrema

Funeral Mass will be celebrated Saturday 25 September 2021 at 11AM at Longuo St. Joseph parish followed by burial.



Rev. Fr. Valerian Larawa from Kishumundu to Mtimhoo

Rev. Fr. Ezer Kasimo from Huruma to further studies in the USA

Rev. Deogratias Katinda from St. Amedeus to further studies in Rome

Rev Fr. Cyril Sirito from USA studies to Mashati – Assistant pastor

Rev. Antony Zeno from studies in Nairobi to MWECAU – lecturer

Rev. Fr. Paul Chunguria from Samanga to Longuo

Rev. Fr. Ewald Kinyaiya from Usseri to Mahida – Assistant Pastor

Rev. Fr. Deogratias Arumasi from Mahida to Uru Parish – Assistant Pastor

Rev. Fr. Festo Tingo from Usseri Parish to Kifuni – Priest in Charge

Rev. Fr. Paul Ruwaichi from Usseri parish to Ntirini Parish – Assistant Pastor

Rev. Fr. Leodegard Riziki from Uru to Usseri parish – Assistant Pastor

Rev. Fr. Amedeus Mtui from Mandaka Parish to Usseri Parish – Pastor

Rev. Fr. Josephat Moshi from Kifuni to Mandaka Parish - Pastor

Rev. Fr. Bonifas Msarie further studies - law school in Dar es Salaam 

12 August 2021
Christ the King Cathedral
Moshi Tanzania



13 new Roman Catholic priests
are ordained

9 priests of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi
2 Consolata missionaries
2 Capuchin Franciscan missionaries


Assignments – Newly Ordained Priests

Rev. Fr. Charles Sunday – St. Mathew the Apostle Church – Kirokomu (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Gasper Setus  - Student at MWECAU and St. Agnes Parish – Mweka (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Gastor Bahati  - Bishop’s House (Bishop’s Diocesan Liturgical MC, Secretarial Course in Nairobi)

Rev. Fr. Isdori Mapendo – Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe – Kimanyatu (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Albert Lashayo – St. Luke the Evangelist Parish – Ushiri (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Denis Kaishe – St. Anna Parish – Kirima (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Moshi – Holy Spirit Parish - Mango (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Primus Weria – St. Augustine Parish – Makomu (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Evarist Kaniki – St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Parish – Narumu (assistant Pastor)


Other Assignments

Rev. Fr. Joseph Msafiri  from St. Charles Borromeo – Keni  to St. Martin of Tours - Ngoyoni (Assistant Priest Incharge)

Rev. Fr. Joseph Mrina from St. Augustine Parish – Marangu to Huruma Hospital (Chaplain)

Rev . Filbert Rizikiyamungu from St. Gregory the Great – New Land to the Blessed Virgin Mary – “Help of Christians” Parish – Lowerere (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Stephen Ndeanka from Holy Spirit Parish – Mango to St. Amedeus Secondary School (Chaplain)

Rev. Fr. Benedict Kagwa from St. Therese of the Child Jesus to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish – Kilema (assistant Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Hilary Furaha from St. Anna – Kirima to St. Stephen the Martyr  – Kariwa (Priest In-charge)

Rev. Fr. Francis Miku from St. Mathew the Apostle- Kirokomu to St. Gregory the Great (assistant priest in-charge)

Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Bahati from Our Lady of Lourdes – Kilema to St. Jude Thadeus – Mabogini (Priest In-charge)

Rev. Fr. Evarist Makoria from St. Jude Thadeus – Mabogini to Nativity of the Blessed Mary Parish – Sambarai (Pastor)

Rev. Fr. Salvator Machowera from St. Theresa of the Child Jesus – Legho to St. Stephen the Martyr – Kariwa (assistant priest In- charge).

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Welcome Bishop Ludovick Joseph Minde

Bishop Minde, a native of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania, was installed as Bishop of this diocese on Thursday, March 19th, the feast of St. Joseph.   

32 of Tanzania's 34 bishops + 2 auxiliary bishops traveled to Moshi to join the celebrations.   While there, they spent two days in a retreat, praying for the end of the coronavirus.  

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Archbishop Amani moves to Arusha! 

Catholic Diocese of Moshi,  Chancery Office, P. O. Box 3041 Moshi, Tanzania. 
Phone: +255 272 752 157,
Fax +225 2727 50934



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Following his appointment by the the Holy Father Pope Francis, Bishop Isaac Amani was appointed the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Arusha. He was installed on April 8, 2018 and became the 4th archbishop of Arusha, following the retirement of Archbishop Josephat Luis Lebulu, upon reaching the retirement canonical age. Archbishop Amani will truly be missed in Moshi. His ten years of pastoral ministry in Moshi will be remembered with nostalgia. 

Archbishop Amani, we will forever remember you
for being the living image of Christ in our midst.